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I did not discover it on my pokedex and I am having trouble finding one in the wild. So is there any trainer that has one?

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Just looked through all of Bulbapedia, and couldn't find a Trainer with Yanmega. You can still find it on Route 3 and Pinwheel Forest however.
Ok, I caught a Yanma and evolved it into Yanmega. So, thanks for the help guys!

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No,there is no trainer with a yanmega in BW2.But you could always find it in Route 3 and Pinwheel forest which has a 5% chance to appear in a rustling grass.Or,you could catch a yanma and teach it ancientpower.After it learns ancient power,it will evolve into a yanmega.


Hope I helped!

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i dont think so.
however you can catch a yanma on route 3 or in pinwheel forest
teach it ancientpower using a heart scale and then lvl it up once and youll have a yanmega :)

sources: experience and google

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