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I've seen some stuff in the past where a site lists what Pokemon can be seen with specific trainers, but I haven't been able to find one for this game.

I basically just need to finish these numbers on the BW2 Unova dex:


So if anyone could help with that, that'd be awesome.


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^ This is the Serebii Unova Pokedex for B2W2; it lists the locations for all the Pokemon in the game, except some which are version exclusive, e.g.

Skitty (W2)
Buneary (B2)
Rufflet (W2)
Vullaby (B2)
Reshiram (W2)
the remaining starter (in your case, Tepig)

To see them, you will need to trade for them between the games. There is no other way to see them in just 1 game.

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Wrong! There is a girl in Plasma Frigate she shows us picture of Zekrom and Reshiram and it registers into our Pokedex as SEEN POKeMON.
Oh I forgot about Zekrom; I was thinking of the Shiny Charm where you need to capture every Pokemon and got it mixed up. o_O