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Like pursuit.Are there others ?

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Counter, Protect, Quick Attack are some.
what does dis question mean?
for examle, protect lasts for several turns.In the pokemon games it works only for 1 turn
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** Quick Attack, Mach Punch, and Sucker Punch etc. go 2 tiles out. Priority does not exist in PMD.
Spike Cannon, Bullet Seed etc. always go 5 times. Except for up-close multi-hit moves like Fury Swipes, they end when you make the kill.
Protect and Detect last multiple turns.
Pursuit and Counter immediately deal equal physical damage back to your opponent. Same thing goes for Mirror Coat with Special moves.
Will update this if I forget any. Razor Leaf, Flamethrower, Shock Wave, Ice Beam, Weather Ball, Hydro Pump, Bubblebeam, Bubble, Water Pulse, Psybeam, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Leaf Storm, and the ones I mentioned in the first mark go for long distances. Be careful in those really long rooms, sometimes even these moves will fail before it can directly hit an enemy.
Worry Seed gives you what is called a sleepless condition rather than Insomnia. Still can't go to Sleep, and I find it helpful when Enemy Ivysaurs do that to me. I do believe that goes a long distance as well.
Rest heals you right when you wake up rather than when you go to sleep.
Fury Cutter, Petal Dance, and Rollout are multi-hit moves on the spot instead of waiting a turn. Fury Cutter only strikes twice though. Rollout and Petal Dance can hit up to five times. (It always attempts five, but it usually misses about 3-4 for me, so I don't use it.)
Splash still deals no primary damage, but sometimes I'll keep it for emergencies if I want to warp. It'll move you to another nearby tile, and if you warp onto water or lava, you warp. (Lava also burns you.) If you hit an enemy using Splash, both you and the enemy take 5 HP damage.
Dragon Rage deals 30 damage rather than the usual 40.

Comment if I missed any, haven't played in a while.

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Nothing?? Ok.....
Did you get splash? it deals 5 damage if it hits anybody and deals 5 damage to you.
I'm sorry I didn't see it.Thanks