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Rayquaza has 600 HP...


Hope I helped!

Do you think the source is trust-worthy?
It's true right?
@Swastik GameFAQs has always been fairly reliable for me. It may not be the absolute most credible source, but it's accurate a lot of the time, and I couldn't find this information anywhere else.
"Forum posts are less trustworthy, as anyone could upload anything, including false info. However, if they prove that what they say is correct or a reliable site is linked as a source of info, these are probably fine."
The answer-er didn't link any source to their answer.
It also says it's up to the asker and answerer. TC hasn't said that my source is unacceptable yet. If you find a more reliable source, I would welcome it, but GameFAQs is the only thing I could find on the subject.