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I know this seems almost impossible to answer, but it's possible.

In PMD Explorers of Sky, there are boss-fights, and each Boss has a current HP, but the HP doesn't corresponds to the level, when you fight Groudon, he is at Level 20-30 and has more than 500 HP!

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I'll do some quick research on this, mainly since I think I saw the stats of the poke bosses on serebii

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Alright, I found all the Pokemon boss stats (Even the end game, AND special episode bosses :3) however they were not on serebii as I first thought. Feel free to see the [Boss stats here][1]

Hope I helped, and that you enjoy playing through Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Sky
[1]: http://pokemonmysterydungeon.wikia.com/wiki/Boss_(Explorers_of_Sky)

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Thanks! And it even include the Special Episode bosses!
I found that site interesting as well xD It even says you can recruit special Pokes like Darkrai and Mew (Don't know how but.... It's possible it seems)