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My Furret needs to Frisk Golurks for Light Clay. :I


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YES, it will, it's a status move, so it will hit any type, if you want to know more on Curse, go here:http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Curse

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Thanks! It didn't say if it did affect Normal types, and since the move changed to ghost type in Gen V I was wondering.
To be honest, 3 months ago, I was thinking of asking this question, but then I noticed it was status and yeah.
This is a correct answer, but your logic doesn't make sense.  Thunder wave will not hit ground types. Toxic will not hit poison or steel types. I feel like the REAL reason that Curse hits normal types is that it ISN'T a status OR a damaging move. The game seems to treat curse as its own category.