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Also type change moves like soak
And the item ring target
I’m not sure wether this is possible or not. Most likely not if that helps at all.
If you're not sure, why are you answering?
It may help the player to have a little advice rather than none at all.
On this particular website, answering a question takes it off the unanswered list, so other people are less likely to see it and post a better answer. You should usually comment unless you know the full and correct answer.
Have a ghost type use Curse on a normal type. Normal types can still be affected by a ghost’s curse, and it’s been a ghost-type move since Gen 5.

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The opposing Pokemon holding a Ring Target is the only way. Scrappy only works for Normal and Fighting types hitting Ghost types, not vice versa. Soak is not a Ghost type move.

If non-Ghost status moves are acceptable, then yes, things like Soak would work.

Hope I helped!

Also note that only having Ghost moves is not a good idea. Get some variety.

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I checked and I don't think odor sleuth or foresight exists in gen 8
Also I read it wrong that's why I said scrappy Lol
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It’s entirely possible if you only use status moves. Status moves affect the opponent regardless of their type. The easiest moves to KO with are Curse (used by a Ghost-type) and Destiny Bond. Confuse Ray can technically KO via self-damage from confusion, but it would take way too long to KO with confusion damage alone. I’d still suggest using Confuse Ray, along with Spite, to make things easier. (Nightmare, Grudge, and Trick-or-Treat are useless in this strategy.)