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My jolteon knows

Hidden power (ice)(covers ground, dragon, and grass)

Thunderbolt(stab, good power, and good accuracy)

Shadow ball(good power, and good accuracy)

Quick attack( I wan't to replace)

please do not suggest signal beam I do not need a

move that only covers dark becuase shadow ball is for

psychic and hidden power on grass.


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I Got Lots Of Answers For This. Ok, Try These:

Thunder Wave: As Jolteon Has Lower Defenses, the opponet would have a low chance of attacking, saving Jolteon

Signal Beam: I Know You Dont Want It But Shadow Ball Isnt Super Effective On Dark, and Signal Beam Will Do That For You.

Return: Good Power With Max Happiness.

Iron Tail: Good Move For Electric Types, To Cover Rock/Ground Types.

Magnet Rise: Gets Rid Of Ground Weaknesses Giving Jolteon NO Weaknesses.

Charge Beam: To Raise Sp. Attack While Doing Some Damage.

Hope This Helps:)

Go with Thunder Wave.
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I suggest signal beam but if you really don't want it you should get return like J Dog said.

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Maybe Return!! If it has max happiness return would be stronger than earthquake

Actually scratch that. I know you don't want to hear it but I would go with signal beam!!