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i was just doing some reading and saw that charizard has the egg type of dragon and I know hydreigon has the levitate ability and he is also in the dragon egg group... so is it possible to have a charizard with the levitate ability?

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Abilities are something that cannot be different from what a species normally has.

E.g. Charizard's abilities can be either Blaze or Solar Power, and those are the only two abilities it can have (excluding hacking to give it a different ability). It doesn't matter if you breed with it with a Pokemon with Levitate, its ability will be Blaze (since Solar Power is an unreleased ability).

Also, you don't need a Charizard with levitate since it's already part flying type, meaning it's immune to ground/ entry hazards other than Stealth Rock.

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Solar Power is released.
The ability is released, but not for the Charmander evolution line.
He was asking for Charizard, was he??
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First off abilities cant be Breed to say. So no you cant give any fire type levitate if they dont have it as a normal ability. Secondly Charizard is a flying type it doesnt need Levitate.

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Nope. You can't get a Charizard with Levitate without cheats.
However, Charizard is a Flying-Type, making it immune to Ground-Type moves.

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