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i have been trying to figure out HOW THE HECK DO I PLAY THOSE GAMES?! I have been trying to figure it out since I got it and now I ahve beaten the elite 4 and gotten 4 lv 100s. thats how much time has gone by and I still dont know! so please help!


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Two minigames can be played:

  • Balloon Catch!
  • Balloon Ka-Boom!

Both games involve popping balloons.

The way you play them is:

Firstly, start up turn your C Gear on and in the Wireless you'll find the Xtransciever. When you tap it it will search for people in your Pal Pad near by and obviously they will need their C Gear on as well. It will take a little bit but when it does find your friends you can select up to three of them to call. when it starts to call a tune will play on their DS's and they have to tap into the Xtransciever to connect.

Then you can select the options to play a game or have video chat.

Video chat is only for DSi systems.

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You need two people to play those games.