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It does not have a Type, therefor, it does not have weaknesses, resistances, nor does it gain STAB.

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It depends on the plate its holding.

Arceus' type depends on the weaknesses of the plate's type it's holding. As a normal Pokemon with no plate, it's only weakness is fight.

Arceus can also only be one type at a type, due to only be able to hold one plate at a time, so there are no weaknesses/ resistances granted by dual types. Check the type chart to see what types are weak to what types.


EDIT: I misread/understood the Q; Arceus ??? type has no weaknesses, but cannot be used w/o hacking.

??? type

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You misunderstood. Arceus ??? is a hack for an Arceus with no type.
Oh I did lol; I just thought those ??? were general ??? and not referring to the ??? type. xP
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It's okay; I misread so it's my fault.