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I know one but I dont know if it works for example Steel Bug type Pokemon with forest curse + tar shot, Will it have a x16 weakness to fire? Are there any other x16 weakness Pokemon that includes type modifiers?

Anything that has a 16x weakness will probably be 1-Shot by any move that it is weak too.

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As Tar Shot is properly considered a type weakness, and not a generic damage multiplier in the mold of Fluffy, the game is considering that to be a 16x type multiplier internally, whereas Bug/Steel + Forest's Curse + Fluffy would only be an 8x type multiplier and an extraneous 2x factor elsewhere. Of course, you could also replace Bug/Steel with Bug/Ice (Snom) or Ice/Steel (Alola Sandslash).

The only other way to get to 16 is by having an inverse battle (something that's never been playable in Sword/Shield, but has in earlier games) and using Flying Press after your ability has been swapped to Normalize. In fact, by hitting an Aggron under Trick-or-Treat with those conditions, you can uniquely bump the type multiplier all the way up to 32.

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I don't know if my answer is as good as the last guys, but I think I know how to make something even more work. Do a mimic entrainment or skill swap with fluffy on a bug steel, and then use forests curse, and dont forget tar shot! Now use ember or something with anything, and BoOm!!! Thats 2x2x2x2x2, and if you know exponents in school, its 32xthe damage. And with sun and dry skin instead, it is much more! The truth is, that am just too lazy to reseaqarch more, so bu-bye, have a good day! (:

Again, Fluffy is a separate multiplier that is not in the same place as the type step. Dry Skin is similar, but only worth 1.25x instead of 2x.