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Please write the type(s) they are weak to.


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Yeah there are lots. So lets try to answer this anyway!

Parasect, Paras, Forretress, Scizor, Wormadam Trash Cloak, Wormadam Plant Cloak, Snover, Abomasnow, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Leavanny, Escavalier, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn, Durant, Genesect, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Kartana, Snom, Frosmoth

Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Onix, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Magcargo, Larvitar, Pupitar, Numel, Camerupt, Rhyperior, Carkol, Coalossal

Gyarados, Mantine, Wingull, Pelipper, Mantyke, Ducklett, Swanna, Cramorant

Geodude, Golem, Graveler, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Wooper, Quagsire, Johtonian Corsola, Larvitar, Pupitar, Barboach, Whiscash, Relicanth, Marshtomp, Swampert, Gastrodon, Rhyperior, Palpitoad, Seismitoad, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Binacle, Barbarcle, Drednaw

Dragonite, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Gligar, Vibrava, Flygon, Altaria, Tropius, Salamence, Rayquaza, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Gliscor, Shaymin-Sky, Landorus, Noibat, Noivern, Zygarde, Alolan Exeggutor, Applin, Flapple, Appletun

Tyranitar, Mega-Tyranitar, Sneasel, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Weavile, Probopass, Pawniard, Bisharp, Amaura, Aurorus, Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Stakataka, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone, Obstagoon

Cottonee, Whimsicott, Morelull, Shiinotic, Tapu Bulu

Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Magcargo, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Probopass, Heatran, Rotom-H (Without Levitate), Alolan Geodude, Alolan Graveler, Alolan Golem, Salandit, Salazzle, Togedemaru, Nihilego, Stakataka, Carkol, Coalossal, Toxel, Toxtricity

Paras, Parasect, Heracross, Breloom, Wormadam Plant Cloak, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Leavanny, Virizion, Chesnaught, Buzzwole, Pheromosa

Croagunk, Toxicroak

Exeggcute, Exeegutor, Celebi, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Cacturne, Inkay, Malamar, Zarude, Calyrex

Charizard, Mega Charizard Y, Butterfree, Moltres, Articuno, Mega Pinsir, Ledyba, Ledian, Delibird, Ho-Oh, Beautifly, Masquerain, Ninjask, Combee, Vespiquen, Mothim, Yanma, Yanmega, Larvesta, Volcarona, Fletchinder, Talonflame, Vivillion, Oricorio-Baile, Sizzlipede, Centiskorch, Snom, Frosmoth

Hoopa, Lunala, Calyrex Shadow Rider

Hoopa, Lunala, Calyrex Shadow Rider

Amaura, Aurorus, Carbink, Diancie, Alolan Ninetales

Scraggy, Scrafty, Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon, Pancham, Pangoro, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Guzzlord, Urshifu Rapid Strike Style

Gyarados, Dragonite, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Wooper, Quagsire, Gligar, Mantine, Kingdra, Mega Sceptile, Marshtomp, Swampert, Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Wingull, Pelipper, Vibrava, Flygon, Altaria, Barboach, Whiscash, Tropius, Salamence, Rayquaza, Torterra, Gastrodon, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Mantyke, Gliscor, Palkia, Shaymin-Sky, Palpitoad, Seismitoad, Ducklett, Swanna, Landorus, Noibat, Noivern, Zygarde, Alolan Exeggutor, Rowlet, Dartrix, Applin, Flapple, Appletun, Cramorant, Dracovish

This answer does not take into account types added via Forest's Curse or Trick-Or-Treat. It also excludes type interactions during Inverse Battles. It assumes we are using the current type chart, which took effect in Generation 6.

Comment if I missed something

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Bug is not weak to Poison, so the Paras, Sewaddle, and Wormadam families should not be on the weak to Poison section.
Also Cacnea is not 4x weak to Bug - Cacturne is. I assume you just got the names mixed up.
Ah, whoops, I used the Gen I typechart which had Posion 2x against Bug
the grass list is big! 0_0 this gives me more resin to run energy ball :3
you forgot magcargo for 4x weak to water
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This list is so huge, I am just going to assist you.

http://pokemondb.net/type/dual is super easy to understand, basic chat 101 and much easier than a superlist.

Actually Pancham isn't dark type yet it isn't 4x weak to anything its just a fighting type
obstagoon is 4x weak to figting