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All these berries can be obtained by the berry master on route 208 and they LOWER EVs. There are no EV raising items other than vitamins. Also the wings.

#21 Pomeg Berry (HP)
#22 Kelpsy Berry (Attack)
#23 Qualot Berry (Defense)
#24 Hondew Berry (Sp. Attack)
#25 Grepa Berry (Sp. Defense)
#26 Tamato Berry (Speed)

During battle, these items raise the evs. You can get them at places that want battle points as money. They are worth 16 BP, from my memory.

Power Weight (HP)
Power Bracer (Attack)
Power Belt (Defense)
Power Lens (Sp. Attack)
Power Band (Sp. Defense)
Power Anklet (Speed)

Don't forget a macho brace

>The Macho Brace lowers a Pokemon's speed in battle while held, but doubles the amount of EVs gained. A Starly normally provides 1 Speed EV, but with your Pokemon holding the Macho Brace, it will receive 2 Speed EVs.

EXP Share passes evs as well.

>Since any Pokemon gaining experience points gains EVs, the Exp. Share item allows Pokemon to gain EVs without battling. It will gain the same base EVs that the Pokemon in battle gains. The Pokemon holding Exp. Share will benefit from its own Pokerus (see below), but not from the item or condition of the Pokemon in battle.

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Macho Brace-Doubles all EVs that you get in battle
Each Power Item gives you 4 EVs, no matter what Pokemon you battle.
Power Band (SDef)
Power Weight (HP)
Power Anklet (Spd)
Power Lens (SAtk)
Power Belt (Def)
Power Bracer (Atk)

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Macho Brace- Doubles EV gain

Power Anklet- Recieve 4 Speed EV's after fight, regardless of Pokemon

Power Bracer- Same as above, but for Attack

Power Lens- Same as above, but for Special Attack

Power Weight- Same as above, but for HP

Power Belt- Same as above, but for Defense

Power Band- Same as above, but for Special Defense

Vitamins give your Pokemon 10 EV's automatically. The description says what it increases.

Wings (except Pretty wings), give your Pokemon 1 EV automatically. The stat varies depending on which wing.

Source- http://old.marriland.com/black_white/how_to_ev_train

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