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There should be one for each type (17 in Gen. 3).

No items boost the power of all moves of a type by 10%. There is an item (muscle band) that boosts all physical attacks by 11/10 (or 10%) and there are 17 items that boost all attacks of a particular type by 6/5 (or 20%). Which ones are you talking about?
The NeverMeltIce increases Ice moves by 10% - where is that?, the Charcoal increases Fire moves by 10% - where is that?, etc.
No, they increase the power by 20%.

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These boost the power of the mentioned typed moves by 20%, not 10%.

Bulbapedia page on this (so you can follow the links for more details)

  • Black belt (Fighting)
    Held by Black Belt Nob's Machamp (after fourth battle)
  • Black glasses (Dark)
    Route 116
  • Charcoal (Fire)
    Lavaridge Town
  • Dragon fang (Dragon)
    Held by Dragon Tamer Nicholas's Shelgon (after fourth battle)
  • Hard stone (Rock)
    Trick House (Puzzle 3 prize), held by wild Aron and wild Lairon
  • Magnet (Electric)
    Trick House (Puzzle 6 prize)
  • Metal coat (Steel)
    Held by wild Magnemite and wild Magneton
  • Miracle seed (Grass)
    Petalburg Woods, requires HM01 (Cut)
  • Mystic water (Water)
    Weather Institute (held by gift Castform)
  • Never-melt ice (Ice)
    Shoal Cave
  • Poison barb (Poison)
    Held by wild Cacnea and wild Roselia
  • Sharp beak (Flying)
    Held by wild Doduo and wild Dodrio
  • Silk scarf (Normal)
    Dewford Town
  • Silver powder (Bug)
    Held by Bug Maniac Jeffrey's Masquerain (after fourth battle)
  • Soft sand (Ground)
    Route 109, held by wild Trapinch
  • Spell tag (Ghost)
    Held by wild Duskull, wild Dusclops, wild Shuppet, and wild Banette
  • Twisted spoon (Psychic)
    Held by wild Abra
Wherever you said, "after fourth battle," it's really after third battle or starting fourth battle.
That's what it said on Bulbapedia.
I just looked at the page on re-matching trainers myself. It means after the fourth battle overall. It would be after the third if you didn't include the initial one before any re-matches.