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not items like choice band but items that boost moves from one type like poison barb or dragon fang


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Black Belt (Fighting)
Black Glasses (Dark)
Charcoal (Fire)
Dragon Fang (Dragon)
Hard Stone (Rock)
Magnet (Electric)
Metal Coat (Steel)
Miracle Seed (Grass)
Never-Melt Ice (Ice)
Pink Bow (Normal)
Poison Barb (Poison)
Polkadot Bow (Normal)
Sharp Beak (Flying)
Silk Scarf (Normal)
Silver Powder (Bug)
Soft Sand (Ground)
Spell Tag (Ghost)
Twisted Spoon (Psychic)

Soul Dew (Psychic/Dragon, [email protected] only)
Adamant Orb (Dragon/Steel, Dialga only)
Lustrous Orb (Dragon/Water, Palkia only)
Griseous Orb (Dragon/Ghost, Giratina only)

Odd Incense (Psychic)
Rock Incense (Rock)
Rose Incense (Grass)
Sea Incense (Water)
Wave Incense (Water)

Draco Plate (Dragon)
Dread Plate (Dark)
Earth Plate (Ground)
Fist Plate (Fighting)
Flame Plate (Fire)
Icicle Plate (Ice)
Insect Plate (Bug)
Iron Plate (Steel)
Meadow Plate (Grass)
Mind Plate (Psychic)
Pixie Plate (Fairy)
Sky Plate (Flying)
Splash Plate (Water)
Spooky Plate (Ghost)
Stone Plate (Rock)
Toxic Plate (Poison)
Zap Plate (Electric)

Gems also boost moves of their respective type.


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