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Please list them with the amount of the boost.


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From Generation IV onward, these items boost the power of moves of the corresponding type by 20%; prior to Generation IV, they give boosts of 10%.

Black Belt (Fighting)
Black Glasses (Dark)
Charcoal (Fire)
Dragon Fang (Dragon)
Hard Stone (Rock)
Magnet (Electric)
Metal Coat (Steel)
Miracle Seed (Grass)
Mystic Water (Water)
Never-Melt Ice (Ice)
Pink Bow (Normal)
Poison Barb (Poison)
Polkadot Bow (Normal)
Sharp Beak (Flying)
Silk Scarf (Normal)
Silver Powder (Bug)
Soft Sand (Ground)
Spell Tag (Ghost)
Twisted Spoon (Psychic)

Soul Dew (Boosts [email protected] Psychic and Dragon moves)
Adamant Orb (Boosts Dialga's Dragon and Steel moves)
Lustrous Orb (Boosts Palkia's Dragon and Water moves)
Griseous Orb (Boosts Giratina's Dragon and Ghost moves)

Odd Incense (Psychic)
Rock Incense (Rock)
Rose Incense (Grass)
Sea Incense (Water)
Wave Incense (Water)

Draco Plate (Dragon)
Dread Plate (Dark)
Earth Plate (Ground)
Fist Plate (Fighting)
Flame Plate (Fire)
Icicle Plate (Ice)
Insect Plate (Bug)
Iron Plate (Steel)
Meadow Plate (Grass)
Mind Plate (Psychic)
Pixie Plate (Fairy)
Sky Plate (Flying)
Splash Plate (Water)
Spooky Plate (Ghost)
Stone Plate (Rock)
Toxic Plate (Poison)
Zap Plate (Electric)

Gems increase the power of a specific type of move by 30% (50% in Generation V)

Normal Gem (Normal)
Fire Gem (Fire)
Water Gem (Water)
Grass Gem (Grass)
Ice Gem (Ice)
Fighting Gem (Fighting)
Poison Gem (Poison)
Ground Gem (Ground)
Flying Gem (Flying)
Psychic Gem (Psychic)
Bug Gem (Bug)
Rock Gem (Rock)
Ghost Gem (Ghost)
Dragon Gem (Dragon)
Dark Gem (Dark)
Steel Gem (Steel)
Fairy Gem (Fairy)

Life Orb (boosts by 30% at the cost of 10% HP)
Wise Glasses (boosts special attacks by 10%)
Muscle Band (boosts physical attacks by 10%)


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Life Orb: 30%
Plate Items: 20% (type only, for example, splash plate only boosts water)
Gem Items: 30% (type only, for example, normal gem only boosts normal, single use)
Muscle Band: 10% (physical only)
Wise Glasses: 10% (special only)
Odd Incense: 20% (psychic moves only)
Rose Incense: 20% (grass moves only)
Sea and Wave incenses: 20% (water moves only)
Rock Incense: 20% (rock moves only)
Black Belt, Charcoal, Miracle Seed, Mystic Water, Dragon Fang, Hard Stone, Black Glasses, Magnet, Metal Coat, Never-Melt-Ice, Poison Barb, Soft Sand, Twisted Spoon, Silver Powder, Spell tag, Sharp Beak, Silk Scarf: 20% (type only, for example, sharp beak only boosts flying moves)
Soul Dew: 20% (psychic and dragon moves only, Latias and Latios only)
Adamant Orb: 20% (dragon and steel only, dialga only)
Lustrous Orb: 20% (dragon and water only, Palkia only)
Griseous Orb: 20% (dragon and ghost only, giratina only)

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Type-enhancing_item
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Choice Items boost stats, not attacks.
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