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  1. When I go there at the home menu, there is no music... This never happened before. It's been going on like this for 4 or 5 months now...

  2. Whenever I play a game with a Pokémon, the game speed is considerably slow and yet the time goes at normal speed. This makes the Frozen Treat Sweep and Collect Gems games almost impossible to win.

Help will be greatly appreciated.

Try to give me logical answer.

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have you turned off the sound?
No. I did not
If the cpu does not have enough RAM, then it will not be able to run online games well. Try a PC or Mac that has an ethernet cable and that has more RAM than your cpu.

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hmm did you check your internet, or maybe your computer needs to be restarted or try taking out (the battery of your computer for 5 seconds than put it back in)

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This is not really a question to ask on this site but here it goes. First check your volume and settings on the GLS. Your computer might be old too.

You can ask questions about official pokemon sites on here and I got this computer for Christmas.
DMM, it's kind of true, because we're not programmers. Ask Pokemon Support.
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