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Say I have a hacked Castform with Pay Day, (40 base power) and his hacked ability is
Technician (50% boost) and he is holding a Silk Scarf (20% boost) and Castform is in normal form so it is STAB what is my base power? (Include damage without
Silk Scarf as well please,)

Why dont you just do huge power instead lol

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Well, 40 + 50% (20) = 60, and 60 + 50% for STAB (30) = 90.

Without the Silk Scarf, Pay Day will at 90 damage with STAB and the Technician boost.

Last but no least, 90 + 20% For Silk Scarf (18) = 108.

With the Silk Scarf, Pay Day will be at 108 damage after STAB and the ability boost.

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we put the same answers at the same time
Ok Thanks!
No, I posted mine first, and I showed the math.
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without silk scarf: 90
with silk scarf: 108
I'm pretty sure this is correct