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I've tried to work it out but I really am new to this egg move stuff so please tell me how. I'm trying to make a stalling Whimsicott, here's my setup:

Item: Lagging tail
Trait: Prankster
EV's: Def: 252 Sp. Def: 252 Speed: 4
Substitute/ self explanatory.
Encore/ gives chance to setup.
Leech seed/ heals and damages.
Switcheroo/ give lagging tail, take a good item, hopefully leftovers.
Strategy: Use substitute. See what opponent used, if a set-up move (safeguard, dragon dance, etc.) use encore. Set-up leech seed and use switcheroo. I see many flaws in this.

Please leave suggestions. By the way, I'm new to this kind of stuff

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Unfortunately it is only possible to have one or the other. They are both egg moves that can not be bread to one parent. See here for more details.
Considering your new to competitive I reccome d you look at some of the sets on our Moveset pages or on Smogon. They will have the best sets, though yours looks pretty good already. Apart from the egg move problem that is. Leftovers would be much more effective though, lagging tail just seems about gimmicky and does a similar job to a Pokemon with tWave

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Can not be BREAD to one parent? XD
This is Blob. Blob knows no grammar. xD
Ok, I won't use switcheroo, but what should I use instead?