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not just Guillotine, any KO move.Thanks.


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Well, +6 accuracy boosts will put a move's accuracy at 3 times what it was, and 30 x 3 = 90. So you can't get it to 100, and you need 6 Hone Claws to even get it to a point where it is reliable, and setting up 6 Hone Claws is very nearly impossible. Thanks to MiniNinetales for pointing out that OHKO moves ignore accuracy boosts.

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Then wide lens can still raise to 99%
Okay but that's assuming you can love to set up 6 Hone Claws, and during that time any opponents could be setting up on you and then kill you. It's not realistic, and I can tell you right now it wouldn't work.
Actually, after researching from bulbapedia,  Horn Drill ignores all changes to accuracy and evasion stats. Also, horn drill's accuracy is not always 30%, but mininum 30%
then my question is stupid
If a question is truly legit, there is no such thing as a stupid question.
point there
6 hone claws not possible, eh? Heh....try facing an opponent with a Xerneas who loves to use Geomancy. LOL