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Are there any of these that can increase the chances of Guillotine hitting?
- Moves
- Items
- Abilities
If there are, please let me know if any of them stack.

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Opponents that would let you set up 6 Hone Claws are probably vastly underleveled compared to you, and those moves come with an accuracy bonus of 1% per level of advantage you have, which probably contributed something to the results. The accuracy boost from Hone Claws, on the other hand, did not.
Because there's a high likelihood that at least one of them is accurate.
an that helps somewhat
Sure but would like to hear your answer. Edit: It converted to the wrong spot...
@shaggy Answering a question takes it off the unanswered list, which means other people who know the answer are less likely to see this question. So even though it helps somewhat, I think putting it in an answer hurts the question more than it helps.
I just edited my question to be more specific. Before answering, please note that OHKO moves are normally unaffected by changes to accuracy and evasion stats, but are affected by moves like Lock-On.

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The TLDR: Base accuracy of the guillotine OHKO is 30%, only affected by moves in after gen I & II. Difference in level between user and target affects accuracy from gen II and beyond.

More in-depth explanation:

Gen I: OHKOs are affected by accuracy/evasion stats, but auto fail if user's Speed stat is lower than targets (X Accuracy guarantees a hit)

Gen II: OHKOs auto fail is target is higher level than user's. The accuracy increases a small amount for each level the user is above the target. (X Accuracy guarantees a hit)

Gen III & Beyond: OHKOs auto fails when user is lower leveled than target. Accuracy and evasion stats do not affect OHKOs but the accuracy still goes up by a small amount for each level the user is above the target.

OHKO accuracy is not affected by: Wide Lens or abilities (With the exception of "No Guard")

OHKO are affected by moves like "Lock-On" and "Mind Reader"

This info is from Bulbapedia. A great resource to check before posting or waiting for answers to questions. :D

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Isn't it affected by no guard?
Yeah!  Well that's embarrassing :P.  Misinterpreted it as a move the way it was worded on bulbapedia!  Good Catch sumwum :D  Answer edited.