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I know this is a stupid question but I know there could be glitches in the game. Synchronize is an ability that causes the opposing Pokemon to have a 50% chance of having the same nature as the Sync. Pokemon. (Abra is a good example) Also, It says boosts the accuracy of moves but I was thinking that there may be a glitch in the coding that may make this happen to Natures as well. Just a thought. If anyone could test this out and answer the question for me that would be great. Was wanting to know this since forever. Abra's Information: (Scroll Down to see the abilities for Abra for reference) Abra's Database

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What are you asking? By ‘accuracy’ of Synchronise, do you mean its success rate? What is the involvement of Wide Lens, seeing as it’s completely absent in your description? And if this worked, why assume it’s a glitch and not an intended mechanic?

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No, wide lens does not boost the chance of wild Pokemon having the same nature as the synchronise Pokemon.

Source: Many Many Tests (100 wild Pokemon caught with modest synchronise abra holding wide lens, 48 had Modest Nature)

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Wow you actually tested it? I was gonna go test out a bunch of magikarps in sootopolis but thanks for the answer I was hoping some glitch would make wide lens boost the accuracy of synchrinoise working to put the same nature on the opposing pokemon by 60 percent  but sadly I guess not. I really hope they make a new item to increase the chances of this in gen 8.
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Synchronise doesn't boost accuracy, where did you find it?
Wide lense boosts accuracy by 10%

Edit: Wide Lens only boosts the accuracy of moves, not ability.

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Im talking about the ability Synchrinoise ( using abra as an example ) that hasan accuracy of 50% making the wild opposing pokemon having the same nature as your abra with the ability. I am asking if wide lens can up the percentage by 60% or so even though it says boosts accuracy for moves but maybe theres a glitch that boosts the accuracy of the ability making the opposing pokemon the same nature
It would be 60% if Sychrionise boosts, Pikachu