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I know this is a dumb question but does Wide Lens boost accuracy on a move for a Pokémon with Hustle?
Let’s say Durant with Hustle uses X-Scissor, a 100% accuracy move. Hustle knocks down quite a bit of the accuracy but does Wide Lens boost a little bit more of the lost accuracy?

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Hustle users could use Wide Lens to boost accuracy, although I'm not sure giving up LO or Lefties is worth it if you're not hitting 100% with all of your attacks.


While this isn't the direct answer, it's mentioning that Hustle users can use Wide Lens to boost accuracy, so yes it does boost the accuracy. But...

Wide lens "helps," I think, but it doesn't fully offset the accuracy drop (probably 88% accuracy if you started with 100%, assuming the calculation works intuitively). If you're giving up the perfect accuracy to begin with, there are probably better hold items than ones that boost by 8%.


So, it doesn't totally negate the Hustle drops, but yes it does help a bit.

Hope it helped.

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If I were the OP I'd be extremely confused by the 2nd source. I think it's better if you simply state the fact that Hustle reduces accuracy by 20% and a Wide Lens boosts it by 8% so a 100% accurate move will NOT be perfectly accurate.
I'm pretty sure it's fine? I'd add it if the OP says the same, though, and your comment works too.
Alright cool. x)