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I'm using an Umbreon in Soul Silver and I'm running a kind of physical/stalling set with Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Flash, and it currently knows Tail Whip but it's almost at the level when it learns Screech. It comes down to whether Black Glasses & Tail Whip or Wide Lens & Screech is the better combination.

Neither of those strategies sound very good. Moves that decrease the opponent's stats are pretty consistently worse than moves that boost your own, even under the guise of 'stalling'.
I'm not changing it's set, I just want to know which is better.
Ummm ok then, I’d say Screech and Wide Lens, I guess. But really, that’s not a good strategy :/
Okay, thanks; I'm not using it competitively and it's done actually really well in my playthrough... and I know it's most likely only because CPUs almost never switch there pokemon unless they have U-turn or Volt Switch.

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Umbreon really isn’t a stat-lowerer. It’s built more to tank, and is therefore pretty bad in-game. I highly recommend Espeon instead, just saying. Anyway, a good Umbreon set is:

Umbreon @ Doesn’t Matter, it’s in-game, but Lefties if available. EDIT: Ooops I guess Black Glasses
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Again, it’s in-game so it doesn’t matter much
Confuse Ray
Feint Attack, I guess.

So really, Espeon preforms much, much better in-game as opposed to Umbreon. If you want Umbreon though, I recommend the above set.