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Basically, I need a Vulpix with tge ability Drought but I reasearched how to get it and it said it is a dreamworld abiliy. I have heared of dreamworld but I have never used it. How do I use it to get Vulpixes ability drought?

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You get it from the pokemon dream world. If you want one you use this site- en.pokemon-gl.com  You sign up and then you need to get 10,000 points to get one.
There's also a 2.5% chance of getting it at the Hidden Hollow at Abundant Shrine.

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So you need Wi-Fi for starters. Then you need to register on Pokemon Global Link. After you are all registered and set up (the site runs you through it all), you the need to accumulate 10,000 points on the Pokemon Dream World (it is alot, it might take you about a month if you go on every day). After you have 10,000 points, you can find Drought Vulpix at Pleasent Forest.

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