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Ok, so if you befriend (say a vulpix) in the Dream World, it will have the "drought" abilty. But if it evolves into ninetales, will it still have it's DW ability? Or will it change back to normal? Thanks again guyz!^^

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If you catch a pokemon from the Dream World, then evolve it, then the evolved pokemon will have its Dream World ability. For example, if you have a Magikarp with the ability Rattled, and you evolve it, the ability of Gyarados will be Moxie. Same thing goes for the Tepig line. Tepig and Pignite will both have Thick Fat, but if you evolve it into an Emboar, it will have Reckless as its ability.

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It will still have the same abiliy because its the same pokemon

Nuff said :)

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thanks, but what if(lets say magikarp) they have like the "rattled" ability and it evolves into gyarados(which has "moxie"), will it change into moxie?
Yes, it will change to moxie.