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Is there any point leveling past 50 for these tournys?

and if so, for example, does this reduce my level 100 Pokemons stats and hp down to a level 50 equivalent?


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I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but I can tell you that when you enter a tournament with a lvl 50 cap, you're Pokemon's stats will be set to what they were when it was level 50, and its level becomes level 50, but as soon as you leave the tourney your level and stats are restored to what they were before you entered the tourney, the same applies for pokrmon below level 50, but their stats will be put up to what they will be when it reaches level 50.

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But leveling up to level 100 is useful for when you are  not in tournaments.
I never said it wasn't, I just said that any pokemon over level 50 will be set back down to it for the duration of the tourney.
And I never contradicted you. Just added a bit of info for our own gain
Awesome, so If I was to create a team of 6 Pokemon from scratch and level them all to 50, they would be ready to go for the tourny? no benefit of 51+ at all?

Great! I was wondering about the level reduction to what they were when they were a level 50.