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Your link must be at %50.00 if you want to evolve a munchlax. My max possible link % is 46 and does this mean I can't evolve it?

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i think you can't

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I think the case is that it's impossible to evolve a Pokemon like Munchlax. It's more or less an internal flaw that certain Pokemon in Conquest need a certain level of link/ stat to evolve but their maximum link/ stat is below that, so they therefore cannot evolve.

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It is probably because you need to get a different warlord with a munchlax.

Source: Experience with Rufflet

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lets I say it this way: so far I know you don't need a waillord to let your munclex evole
it evoles of happines
(keep it in your party and battle with it alot, it maby takes a couple days)
i tryt this and my munclex evoled (i had never seen a waillord in the game wen I did)
i hope this will help you

This is in Conquest. When he says 'warlord', he MEANS 'warlord'. Not Wailord.