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I haven't played Black in a while now.The last time I played it I was In Icirrus city.In that area that can only be accesed in the winter.I'm in that area and now it's Spring time in my Black.I have no Pokemon that can use or learn Fly.What to do ?

If that can happen to your game, then just set your system's month until it is winter.
it can't change since i can't go trough any entrances, like  XtremeCharizard101 said
LP, is it that high ledge with the Itemball just before the enterance to the Dragonspiral tower? If yes, you cannot get out. You are gonna have to wait until Winter to get out. This has happened to me as well.
Just try it. It might work considering your game can change seasons without walking through entrances.
yes, it is that damn place Flare

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You might wan't to change your DS's calendar so you can get out. Otherwise I guess that's you until spring.

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i'll try, thanks.