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I was just wondering because I am in Icirrus city and i want a shelmet to go with my karrablast. The season should be spring but it is winter.... Help?

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You can't change the seasons in White. Every month here is a different season in the game. So every 4 months here is 1 year in the game.

Spring January/May/September
Summer February/June/October
Autumn March/July/November
Winter April/August/December
Hope This Helped :D

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thanks! but wait.... if i changed the date in system settings, would that work?
yeah, I'm pretty sure it would. :)
yaaaaaaaaaay!!!  :P
changing the date doesn't work.... crud
if you change the date while in a building, it will stay the same season, but if you change the date and THEN leave the building, it will change :)