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I was thinking along the lines of:

hidden power(grass)(electric)(fighting)-covers all of his weaknesses in one move. Electric can deal with his main counter, mantyke. Fighting can take out the annoying munchlax, or one of the titans of LC, houndour. I Think I'll stick with grass.

quick attack-A priority move in little cup!? Who would've guessed?

flmaethrower/fire blast/ heat wave/overheat-Insane power coming from cyndaquil, not to mention if he has blaze up.

extrasensory-this move has a lot of potential, but It could be better.

What are your suggestions? I've also done physical cyndaquil sets before. Cyndaquil is perfect in unevolved battles where your pokemon can be level 50, because that way he has eruption...


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Crush Claw: For Lowering Defense

Aerial Ace: Coverage.

Flare Blitz/Flamethrower: STAB. If Flare Blitz Is Used, Have An Oran Berry.

Will-o-wisp/Toxic/Quick Attack: For A Good Status Or To Finish Pokemon Off.


Hidden Power(Grass): Obvious.

Flamethrower/Heat Wave/Fire Blast, Etc.: STAB AND POWER, UNLIMITED POWER!

Extrasensory: Overall, A Good Move.

Mud Slap: Duh Duh Duh Duh, Duh Duh, Duh Duh, Cant Hit This!

Hope This Helps:)

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Eruption/Flamethrower: Sometimes Eruption is allowed in Level 5, sometimes it is not. When not, that means Flamethrower.

Quick Attack: Priority reigns supreme in LC.

Mud Slap/Extrasensory: Lowers accuracy, so tricky tricky. Extrasensory is fairly good for a special Cyndaquil, so yeah, why not.

One of your Hidden Powers, seeing as it is you. Go with Grass.

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suggested item: choice scarf

Eruption-STAB; very high power which works well with his speed.

Flamethrower/Fire blast-STAB. Works well when his power falls.

Hidden power [grass]/[ice]-grass covers all his weaknesses. Ice doesn't cover as much for him, but it allows him to deal with Dratini.

Nature Power/extrasensory-Nature power, though physical, is used to counter frailer pokemon like Chimchar, houndour, ponyta, etc. Extrasensory deals with Tentacool.