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I'm thinking:

Body Slam: Good neutral attack and good chance to paralyze the foe.

Seed Bomb: Great physical Grass attack.

Light Screen: Same reason as Meganium has it.

Reflect: Dual Screeen power!

chikorita is my favorite pokemon well the best luck i had with it was beating a kyogre with it because kyogre kept missing plus its cute

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Toxic: Obviously

Mud Slap: Protection While Toxic Works.

Leech Seed: Thanks For The Health;)

Energy Ball/Ancientpower: For STAB, or Coverage.


Swords Dance: It CAN Learn it:)

Seed Bomb: KABOOM! With STAB, and SD:)

Body Slam: Flatten The Opponet, and Paralyz too! Call Now!

Iron Tail: Coverage.

Special Sweeper:

AncientPower: Coverage.

Sunny Day: Guess!

Solarbeam: :)

Synthesis/Leech Seed/Toxic: Stalling.