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I'm thinking:

Aqua Jet: STAB Priority.

Ice Punch: Deals with those Grass types.

Swords Dance: Greatly increases Attack.

Crunch: Good move to have around with you.


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How about:

Waterfall/Aqua jet aqua tail-Priority moves rule LC, so I'd go with that.

Dragon Dance-boosts his sweeping stats, he could use some help in speed. swords dance is fine too, if the team is slow.

ice punch/mud slap-Covers grass weakness, mud slap can be annoying to electric types, the only problem is that it's special, but yet again, you don't use it for the damage, but for the accuracy being lowered. Ice punch helps you deal with dragons though.

Shadow claw/Crunch/iron tail etc-a good physical move to give him more coverage.

"I'll answer this later."-Swampert
I  answred it a half hour after postng that comment.
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Aqua Jet: Have Speed? Say GoodBye To All Your Opponets!

Ice Punch: Grass, Coverage:)

Dragon Dance: Of Course.

Rock Slide/Iron Tail/Crunch/Shadow Claw: For More Coverage.


Surf: DUH!

Ice Beam: DUH!

Mud Slap: Electric, Acc.

Aqua Jet/Iron Tail: For Speed, or Well, Power:)

Basically, This Is DTs Answer, With A Sp. Moveset Included:)