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And can someone give me a walkthrough on how to get there? I THINK I've beaten the E-4, this is pre-owned, you see. XD FireRed, the game is.

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If you have hard time getting ruby, you'll have bad time finding sapphire...

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>- You need the National Pokedex. To do so, have the number of "caught" in the Pokedex at 60, and talk to Professor Oak.
- In FireRed, talk to Celio in One Island's Pokemon Center. He will acknowledge that you have caught lots of Pokemon and say he's looking for 2 Gems. You need to give Celio both the Ruby and Sapphire.
- The Ruby is located at Mt. Ember. When you start to ascend the mountain, you should see Rocket Grunts. Talk to them, beat them up, and go inside the cave they were blocking and get the Ruby.

That was written by me on another answer answering a different question.

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