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I think:

Giga Drain: STAB that heals Treecko, which is why I am choosing this over Energy Ball or Seed Bomb.

Aerial Ace: More type coverage against Pokemon. Also doesn't miss. And with Mud Slap being apparently popular ( am I out of the times?) that is a good thing. Treecko is a mixed sweeper, so it can use this. Wow, I talked a lot on just this one move.

Mud Slap: Speaking of Mud Slap, Treecko has Mud Slap as a good choice. :P

Crunch: Finish off the mixed sweeper set with a move that always finishes off a moveset that needs coverage, seeing as it is one of the evil/mind trio types.


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Mud Slap: To Set Up A Little Trick........

Swords Dance: DIE! DIE! DIE!

Seed Bomb: STAB

Rock Slide: Covers 4 Weaknesses.


Energy Ball/Giga Drain: STAB

Mud Slap: Pretty Obvious.

Hiden Power(Rock): YES!! or Rock Slide if you want..............

Crush Claw: Good Back Up and Chance To Lower Defense.


Giga Drain/Energy Ball: Yeah.

Rock Slide/HP Rock: Weaknesses.

Mud Slap: Acc.

Aerial Ace/Dig/Iron Tail/Leech Seed: Arial For Acc., Dig, Since Earthquake isnt Common in LC, Iron Tail, to get Ice Better, or Leech Seed, for Healing.


Agility: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Whered Treecko GO?

Mud Slap: Nothing Is Faster Than Treecko Now, and Nothing Can Hit It!

Quick Attack: Yep.

Energy Ball: STAB:)

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It seems like every pokemon with arms can learn thunderpunch via move tutor.

Hidden power(rock)/rock slide-being a good mixed sweeper, Treecko can work with either one. But his special attack is better...

Leaf storm/Energy ball-I like Leaf storm on Treecko when his overgrow activates. He'll be switching a lot anyway, so not much worry about the stat drops.

Dragonbreath/Mud Slap-Mud slap can hurt poison types and block their attacks, Dragonbreath does an okay amount of damage, and leaves the chance to paralyze.

synthesis/leech seed-a good recovery choice.

Physical treecko:

Rock slide-Covers most of his weaknesses

Swords dance-powers him like crazy.

seed bomb-A STAB grass move powered by SD (I'd sure hate for overgrow to be active)

Aerial ace/Crunch/Crush claw/Endeavor- A good last move to give treecko extra type coverage.

Or the seldom seen Staller/Sub seeder:

Leech seed-saps foe's health

Substitute-Protects treecko, but gets health from leech seed, is good because treecko and his evolution chain are among the fastest subseeders in the game.

Protect/toxic-Instant stalling to be a jerk, or toxic for added fun.

energy ball/Giga drain-Deal with taunters, Energy ball has higher power, but giga drain can help the strategy even more in that it restores Treecko's health.