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You know how people on the Routes of Eastern Unova in B/W 1? How some of them speak foriegn languages? What are they all saying? Can I have them translated to English please?


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German: Ich habe mir nun ein Auto zugelegt! Damit ist die nächeste Stadt auch ganz ohne Orden zum Greifen nah! Es sei denn, ich rassele durch meine Führerscheinprüfung...
English: I have now bought a car! So that the next town is also close enough to touch without orders! Except, I rattling through my driving test...

Italian: Ciao! Ti stai divertendo? Non sentirti in imbarazzo. Parla pure con chi vuoi.
English: Hello! Are you having fun? Do not feel embarrassed. He also speaks with anyone.

Spanish: ¡Es la primera ves que vengo aquí!¡Pero este precioso paisaje hace que me sienta como en casa!¡La próxima vez traeré a mis amigos!
English: It is the first time I come here! But this beautiful landscape makes me feel like home! The next time I'll bring my friends!

Route 15 Hiker

Start Battle Text: If I think of how many mountains I traversed the length and breadth, it makes me really want a fight.
Defeated Text: One is reminded of other fights where I'm just like now!
Other Text: The road traveled is not changed! But to go on that can happen again for everything!

Backpacker Corin
Language: French
Start Battle Text: You would never imagine how many countries I visited, and the number of Trainers I fought!
Defeated Text: Wah! Another great souvenir!
Other Text: When I have a lot, traveled a lot, I get home, and I can tell lots of things my family!

Backpacker Talon
Language: French
Start Battle Text: Let me challenge you to a duel so I can burn us meet together in my memory.
Defeated Text: Our struggle is forever etched in my lifetime!
Other Text: The landscapes we admired ... The people we've met ... Pokémon with whom we have crossed swords ... They will remain forever etched in my memory.

Hope this helps ^^

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Alright, I did forget about those people in Castelia City's tower, but I was looking for those trainers on the Eastern side of Unova. (ex. Route 15, there is a hiker that I'm pretty sure speaks Italian.)
It's Italian.
Ik i just realized :P
Meh, that was an example ==' There a bunch more. Let me find them.

Backpackers Talon and Corin are Foreigners.

B-Packer Vicki I do believe is a foreigner.