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I think:

Surf: You want a Mudkip with higher Special attack with this moveset.

Mud Bomb: Without any resistance to Electric, you need some coverage. And not coverage that only has base power of 20.

Double-Edge: Fear me!! I have Double-Edge!!

Ice Beam: Bye bye Grass types :P


2 Answers

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Aqua Tail/Waterfall: STAB

Dig: Earthquake Is NOT A Common Move In LC, So Its Pretty Safe To Use This. Mud Bomb Is OK, Too.

Ice Beam: Great Coverage, Great Swampert/Mudkip Move.

Rock Slide/Iron Tail: Coverage, gets rid of the Ice Type, Which This Set Isnt Too Good Against.


Mud Bomb/Slap/Dig: Electric.

Ice Beam; :)

Surf: :)

Ancientpower/Iron Tail/Icy Wind: Ancientpower/Iron Tail For Backup, and Icy Wind To Lower the Opponets Speed.

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Personally I prefer a physical move set for him but that is a good set but I would suggest replacing double edge with curse or aqua tail.