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I've been playing the TCG since I was 6, and my first pack of cards gave me a Riolu. I've played the games since I was 7, and I had never seen a Riolu before I was 9. Then one day it hit me: my Riolu card is NOT a regular Riolu. It should be blue and white and it's actually BLACK and white. I've asked several people if it looked blue and white and they all said it was black and white. I looked up a Shiny Riolu and it's YELLOW and black. I just don't understand.

Then, a couple days ago, my friend was trading and someone offered a weird Hydreigon. Not a regular blue one, or a shiny green and brown one, but he said it was a TOTALLY different color.

Is there some kind of secret shiny or something?

Here's a picture of my card, just click the link below:



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Riolu should be blue and back, not blue and white
He sad it was Black and White (/.-)
Can you tell me its attacks and from which series it came from?
SBR, he said
"It should be blue and white and it's actually BLACK and white."
Oh whatever :P
Yeah, I did say it was black and white, and BTW, I'm a girl.
the card looks normal to me. i have that same one.

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To uncover your mystery Hydregion, it's a shiny card.
enter image description here
Moving onto Riolu:
I'm not completely sure what you're talking about, and it took me about 5 minutes to understand what you meant. Anyway, if I'm right, you're looking at this?
enter image description here
If it is this card, then it's a normal Riolu, nothing is wrong with it. But if it is not the card you are talking about, please comment and I'll try to answer. If you can for me (if I'm wrong) post the link of the card in your comment? See all the cards of Riolu here and paste the link. Again, this is only if I'm wrong.

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Yep, sorta like that, just an older version and it was 3D. I'll try to edit my post with a pic  of it. Thanks so much! Is it just a different form of a riolu? or something along those lines?
Its no different to a normal Riolu card. Completely Legit. Hope I helped :D
thanks SO much! I just have one question, is it a different FORM, like Shellos, or Gastropod? I just don't understand why it's a different color... I put a link to a pic of the card I have in my question.:)
Just so you can actually SEE it.
Thabks for the link. No, there aren't any formes of Riolu, it's just the printing of the card that's different, nothing to do with Riolu. Sorry for the late reply. Welcome :]
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Yes, those cards show a shiny Riolu and Hydreigon.
I'm only answering because no one else seems to want to answer.

Here is the links on this database to prove it:
Riolu http://pokemondb.net/sprites/riolu
Hydreigon http://pokemondb.net/sprites/hydreigon

He specifically said they weren't those colors.
I'm showing the actual colors. I've seen the black and white and blue and white cards and i've seen a Riolu like that come from a pokemon card pack and in SSBB. I have ONLY seen those two, other colors will probably be fake.
So light yellow changed to white
Btw, green and brown IS the color of shiny hydreigon
Nope, that's not it... thanks for trying though!
It's the way the artist drew it so the light makes it's color seem lighter