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( Q1) How would you know if your Pokemon egg will be a shiny Pokemon?
( Q2 ) Can you breed two different Pokemon? ( example can you breed two very different parents to get a Aron? )
( Q3 ) Why can't you breed a heatran or latios and a latias

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  1. You wont know until it hatches, and no saving before you hatch it cant make it shiny no matter how many times you restart since if its shiny or not is determined when you get the egg.
  2. Yes in fact you can, but there are a few rules. Lets take Aggron for example, if you want a Aron you CAN breed a Female Aggron with any male Pokemon that is in the Monster Egg Group. If you have a Ditto you can breed it with either a Male OR Female Aggron and get a baby Aron as well.
  3. Because they are in the Undiscovered Egg Group which means they cant breed at all. No Pokemon in that egg group can produce a egg.

You can learn more about Breeding at our page here.

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