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the Pokemon that can breed with cloyster or shellder cant learn rapid spin(im playing white 2 so squirtle cant). whil someone help me please? thanks


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you have to chainbreed with Kabuto family
Kabuto family can get it by breeding with Squrtle family
Thats the only way, so if you dont have squirtle family, you cant get it

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Cloyster can only have Rapid Spin in Gen V via chain breeding, and this is how you do it.

Step 1: Get a male Squirtle (or any of its evolutions), and level it up until it knows Rapid Spin (level 19 for Squirtle, level 20 for both Wartortle and Blastoise).

Step 2: Breed with a female Kabuto or Kabutops, and the resulting offspring will have Rapid Spin. The resulting offspring you want has to be a male Kabuto, because only the male parent will pass moves down.

Step 3: Breed the male Kabuto with a female Shellder/ Cloyster and the offspring will have Rapid Spin.

Note that for both Squirtle and Kabuto, the gender percentage is 87.5% male and 12.5% female.

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