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If I'm battling a friend in FireRed or LeafGreen at a Pokemon Centre, will our Pokemon be set to a certain level? Is it possible to do this also, like a option to set all Pokemon to level 50 or something along the lines of that? I do know this is a set thing in D/P on wards, but I wasn't sure about the Gen III games.

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Nope. anything goes in LG/FR. The level you bring the Pokemon in is the level it is set to fight. So basically, it was to be the best and have the highest level possible before Gen IV. So no, there are no fancy features to set a Pokemon's level.

Source: I battle with my bro from time to time

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life was much simpler then... u didnt have to worry about EVs or IVs or UU or OU or anything. it was just simply my charizard is better than your pidgeot, so i will win. that simple. we didnt have to worry about walls or sweeper or physical tanks...... so simple....
Lol, actually, it was still pretty competitive back then... there WERE such things as EVs, IVs, and OU, UU and crap. Probably that less people used that way of battling.
Dude, there were IV and EV since the beginning, RBY
yeah, but the system for EVs was much different and IV were known as PV (personality Values)
True, but now, IV and PV are completly different