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Don't healing items always go first, before the attack?

what move did you use?
what pokemon?
And what game?
Ruby, I was facing his Gardevoir, my Blaziken was faster, and my Blaze Kick hit. For its move, the Super Potion was used. Idk why. XD

2 Answers

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Ok here is what I think happnened.

At a certain point of health, the NPC'c will heal their Pokemon.
Lets say that response is at 15HP>. If they survive at a higher HP, then they attack, if you hit them at the correct 15>, then the game will make them heal their Pokemon.

No, hes asking why the trainer healed AFTER SS's move, when using items always go first
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Two things.

  • He went first the next turn... eg. Accelgor VS Carracosta, Accelgor attacks, Carracosta attacks, Accelgor heals

  • Your game is glitched...

He said Ruby.