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In Alpha Sapphire, you battle Wally before the end of Victory Road in the field of red flowers(reminded me of Remembrance Day a bit). Anyway, after being defeated, he said that he would stay there and train, meaning he would be able to rematch you. I finished the Delta episode and all that, and I return to Victory Road. I find that... HE'S NOT THERE. His parents in Verdanturf said that he went to the Battle Resort. I check there, and there's no sign of him. WHERE IS HE?

PS: I went to the Battle Resort before asking his parents and found the Magma Grunts and whatnot.

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I think you should check the Battle Maison. I think he is there, and you'll see a man talking then him saying that he'll stay back to train.

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You can find wally in the Battle Resort

"After the Delta Episode, you will encounter Wally when you enter the Battle Resort. He is excited to participate in the battles there, and will run off towards the Battle Maison. Here, you can battle with Wally as a partner, but that's not all. After you have beaten one of the Battle Chatelaines in a Super Battle to gain the trophy, Wally will re-appear in the Battle Maison and will challenge you to a rematch. His team gets stronger as time goes by."

That pretty much covers it!

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