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1)evolving a scyther into scizor
2) evolving vigoroth into slaking ( getting a truant Pokemon )
3)evolving porygon2 (' cos many people prefer having a porygon2 with eviolite)
4)and few other such Pokemons who remain controversial to evolve or no to evolve

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Evolving Scyther into Scizor, I would say yes. Worth it.

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1}Evolving a scyther is worth doing as it is 4x weak against rock and thus its most of the HP would be taken by stralth rock and somewhat similar happens with scizor only it is 4x weak to fire which could be combated easily by rain dance or drizzle
2}use slaking as the power of its one move is approximately 3 moves of vigoroth. The ability though sucks but the 670 is just woah!!!
3}if you like defence keep it porygon2 or else just evolve, though I suggest evolving it
4}There are always Pokemon whom you would have option to evolve or not evolve. Like not evolving has following benefits

        a) your Pokemon may learn a few moves earlier

And evolving would result

        a) more power, that is what I prefer!!!
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most people that don't evolve their pokemon do it because of eviolite. porygonZ doesn't actually have that much going for it, so giving porygon2 eviolite makes him a great wall.
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1) You lose your speed, but you gain good attack and defense. Worth it.
2) Slaking is extremely powerful, but Truant gets annoying, and sometimes it's better to leave Vigoroth for a while. Not sure.
3) Porygon2 has more defense then Porygon-Z. If defense is something that you want, the stay with Porygon2. Otherwise, evolve it.

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This already has two answers, but I just wanted to add my bit because I've used all three Pokemon before.

1) Scizor: definitely. Scyther has a x4 rock weakness, which means half of its health is cut on a stealth rock switch in. Scizor can make use of Bullet Punch, Bug Bite and Pursuit with its Technician ability, and while Scyther has Technician as well, it doesn't have the STAB priority move that Scizor gets.

There are people that use Scyther w/ Eviolite, but I really don't see the point of a bulky Pokemon with a x4 weakness to anything.

2) It depends; Slaking has found a niche in double battles with Cofagrigus. It's rather gimmicky, but basically you get Slaking to use a weak move on Cofagrigus (that it isn't immune to, otherwise this won't work), and Mummy will take over its Truant ability. The weakest contact move Slaking knows is Smack Down at base power 50.

Vigoroth would only be viable in NU, but it sees some use, especially with decent attack, HP and speed, along with Eviolite defences boost.

However, even with Slaking's Truant, people usually either use a move & then switch it out, or use Giga Impact, which requires a recharge anyway, so Truant and the recharge are both counted in 1 turn.

3) Porygon2 is a good bulky sweeper, and I think it outclasses Porygon-Z, though a lot of people who use Porygon-Z use it as a moderately fast special sweeper. Porygon2 would usually go last in most scenarios due to a base speed of 60 (but this makes good use of Analytic).

4) Chansey, Magneton, Dusclops, Murkrow, Gligar
- Chansey: higher def and sp. def than Blissey but no Leftovers recovery; personally I think she's worth your time because Chansey has reliable recovery moves anyway.
- Magneton: good Scizor counter. With Magnet Pull it will trap other Steel types and be able to deal with them with HP Fire, and as an Eviolite holder it will get a higher chance of survival from fire attacks.
- Dusclops: good UU wall, but outclassed in OU by Cofagrigus (since it has Haze). Base 130 in both defence stats is brilliant, combined with Eviolite boost meaning it can act as the counter wall to the Chansey on your team.
- Murkrow: Prankster Pokemon. Like Riolu it's seeing more and more use with its ability, and Murkrow acts as a Mean Look Perish song trapper. It's a bit gimmicky though, to be honest.
- Gligar: Stealth Rock set up, higher special defence (so more chance of a survival from a non-STAB Ice Beam), and Roost to make up for no Leftovers.

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scizor: yes, this guy is awesome
slaking: ability stinks, but 670 base stat is very high. I'm not sure.
porygon2: no. give him eviolite and he can make a great wall.
Dusclops- Duscnoir: dusclops has better defense when holding eviolite, but the extra base stats are nice. I would say yes.
ferroseed-ferrothorn: yes, stats are much better.
If I think of more I'll edit them in

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Don;t you mean Dusclops-Dusknoir?
Yah. sorry. I forgot his name. I'll fix it.