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I made a UU team and I noticed something weird.I taught my Cofagrigus Hidden Power Fighting.But later in battle the Hidden Power changes into Ice type.Is something wrong ?

Here is it's moveset :

Calm Mind
Shadow Ball
Trick Room
Hidden Power Fighting

Relaxed nature (+Def -Speed), EVs 252 Defense, 252 HP, 4 in Sp.Atk

Oh, I took the moveset from this site.What is wrong ?

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PO or Showdown?
What server?
Probably just a glitch..
In Showdown

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It was probably a misclick. Happened to me before with Hidden Power Fire in Showdown.
Or it could just be a glitch. (Credit to Poke/)

Source: Experience

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no way i did that
It's probably a glitch. Kupo does that to me a lot.
what do i do ?
go to teambuilder and correct it
It usually corrects itself if you go to teambuilder, fix it, then battle again.
ok,i'll see