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I want him to work well with my scizor. I want as a bit of a tank, wall, or annoyer. This is my scizor:
[email protected] life orb
EV's: 252hp/ 252 att/ 4 speed
nature: adamant (+att -spatt)
ability: technician
bullet punch

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Firstly, Bug Bite > Brick Break to make full use of Technician, and I would much rather give it a Leftovers/ Roost or Life Orb/ Roost set, because then you can U-Turn out of a Magnezone trap. Also, there's no point in Choice Scarfing Scizor when you have no speed investment; even with Choice Scarf a lot of things will outspeed it, so if you wanted to keep your current EV spread, use a bulky set instead.

Main thing you need Rotom-W to deal with for Scizor is Heatran; I would suggest this set for Rotom-W:

Rotom-W @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 232 Sp. Def, 200 HP, 76 Sp. Atk
Nature: Clam
Hydro Pump
Volt Switch
Pain Split
Will-O-Wisp/ Thunder Wave

Specially defensive, since Heatrans are sp. attackers. You can also take the hit for water moves, since Scizor's special defence is mediocre, Surf/ Hydro Pump will do quite a bit of damage.

You can choose Will-O-Wisp in favour of Thunder Wave so you can take physical hits with ease too, or Thunder Wave to paralyse Heatran, your choice.

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Hes probably going with scizor rotom core, which means he needs speed to use u turn faster than the opponents attack
@ Marzi, clam nature lol.
@ Minininetales, no, with that core you want to go slower. That way, Rotom-W can get in for free.
@marzipan, thanks
@ minininetales, I got this scizor from sbr, and he trained it to be good with the choice scarf.
Scizor resists super effective attacks on rotom-w, and rotom-w resists super effective moves on scizor, and you can voltswitch back and forth to make your opponent in rage, and to do that, both scizor and rotom-w needs good speed
will the choice scarf actually help me speed wise, or should I use a different item
If you want to use a Scarf for your Scizor, invest in speed; I don't see the point of locking yourself into one move for a 50% speed boost when you don't EV train in speed, since then you won't be able to outspeed a lot of threats.

And I just found that personally having a Life Orb/ Leftovers was better for my Scizor since then it could U-Turn out of a Magnezone trap.

EDIT: and sorry for the clam/ calm typo *-*
That's a good idea