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I was battling in battle subway when my opponent sent out yamask and simisage.
That person used yamask to will-o-wisp on his simisage and it hit.
The question is -"why did he harm his own Pokemon???"

I've seen some opponents using swagger on its own team to raise attack, and get out of confusion using persim berry, but here, I dont see how using will-o-wisp on simisage would help... Do you remember what moves simisage had?
also happend with me with a bagpacker
he used flatter on a gurrdurr
I had the same will-o-wisp problem
Sorry, but that simisage didn't stand a chance, i blew it up by flamethrower by my magmortar! So i don't know its moveset!

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Since the Battle Subway is a place where Game Freak have designed to get tougher and tougher after a while, they also make Trainers in game play certain strategies to annoy you. There are also other like using Swagger on your own Pokemon to make their attack higher. This is how the game is programmed. Nothing is wrong with your game.

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Yeah, but how is that a strategy? I can understand if you use willowisp to a pokemon with guts, but it doesnt help the simisage anyhow
It isn't exactly a... Strategy. It's the way the game is programmed, and unfortunately, only Ninja (who breaks his games for the sake of curious people) can tell you that :P