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I plan to breed my Froslass but in the chance I get a female can I evolve it into a Glalie will it still evolve into a Froslass like a 3 evolution chain or will it stay a female Glalie forever?

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What do you mean?
pokemaster, that's not what he was asking. He's asking if he can evolve a female glalie into a froslass.
Bcorr is right, but it is obvious that snorunt evolves to froslass or glalie, not glalie to froslass
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Glalie evolves from Snorunt starting at level 42. It is one of Snorunt's final forms, the other being Froslass.

A female Snorunt will evolve from Snorunt by normal level up. Frosslass will only evolve from Snorunt via exposure to a Dawn Stone on a female Snorunt.

So your Snorunt offspring (from breeding your Frosslass) will be able to evolve into a Glalie or Froslass. When it has evolved into a Glalie it cannot evolve into a Froslass - they are alternative evolutions, and not part of a linear evolution chain.

Glalie (Bulpabedpia)

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You need a girl Snorunt in order to get Froslass
... that's what I said.
"A female Snorunt will evolve from Snorunt by normal level up."
I think you mean Glalie
No that sentence still makes sense; what I meant was that a fem Snorunt will evolve (from its current form) via level up, or to a Froslass via Dawn Stone.

But yea that was a bit confusing of me.
"Any snorunt will evolve to Glaie via lv up, and female snorunt will evolve to froslass via dawn stone"
Yeah, we were both thinking the same, but I was just bit confused
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It will stay female glalie forever. It's like the slowbro/ slowking evolutions.

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