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Also if I lower special attack will I raise attack?
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Here's an example of Contrary's usefulness: Say Serperior(with Contrary) uses Leaf Storm. Instead of its Special Attack getting lowered it gets a two times boost. Then Leaf Storm will be even more powerful! However, Serperior's Attack will not rise, because Contrary only boosts the stat that would normally be lowered.

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It can be helpful as there are some powerful moves with awful drawbacks, Such as Overheat or Leaf Storm, that lower your Special Attack. But when you use these moves with a Pokemon with Contrary you will instead raise your Special Attack, making the moves more powerful instead of weaker.

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No not really
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Contrary reversesstat changes which can be good or bad.

Although it makes Serpioriers coil lower his stats, leaf storm doubles your Special attack instead of halving it, which is great, meaning your next leaf storm does double damage


Cons Stat raising moves will lower your stats instead

Pros Stat Lowering moves like leaf Storm increase your special attack and Leer would increase your defense